Our Process

Renovating your home, building an addition, or remodeling the exterior of your home can be an exciting adventure. However, it requires careful preparation that is unique to your home, your needs, and your desires. There are many factors to consider, however, the major items we ALWAYS discuss on these projects are listed below. Think of these items as a conversation starter; a conversation that will continue so we can address the complexities of your unique situation.

  • Review goals and expectations to develop or refine a renovated floor plan
  • Review the budget and estimate to ensure we can accomplish our goals
  • Discuss temporary housing, if necessary, or phasing the project to minimize interference to the family’s activities
  • Develop a schedule and review critical dates – holidays, family visiting, etc.
  • Discuss your (the client’s) level of involvement. Are you busy and want to give broad directions and trust our team of designers and contractors, or would you like to be involved in the nitty-gritty
  • Discuss construction access, storage area, etc to minimize disruption and maintain a safe and clean work environment