Contract Options

At Chason Homes, we offer a variety of contract options for our residential construction services. We provide these options because we want you to choose the option that best meets your unique financial needs. Browse the options below to find the one that suits you:

  • Stipulated Sum Contract - This is the most well-known type of contract. Under this arrangement, Chason Homes would provide a fixed price to complete your project. This clearly defines the amount of material, labor, subcontractor costs, etc – so you know exactly what you will pay for your home.
  • Cost Plus Fee Contract - This contract arrangement allows an ‘open-book’ approach to the project financials so that all parties are on the same page. With this contract, Chason Homes would provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price that the costs would not exceed. Inclusive in the GMP would be a fee that would be paid to Chason Homes to complete the project. All other costs would only be paid as they are incurred during the project. This means that if we save money on your home – you save money on your home. But, if we go over that Guaranteed Maximum Price – we’ll cover the overage.

There are variations to these two types which we are happy to discuss so that we come up with the solution that what works best for you.

Two other important things about our contracts:

1. We want you to know when we’re starting and when we’re finishing – so we put that in the contract. That way, expectations are clear from the very beginning.

2. Most contractors require a deposit, but we're not sure why. We don’t require deposits. We will submit pay requests at the end of each month for work we’ve completed. That way, you can see what you’re paying for.